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We are honored to have Ron Finch bike builder and metal artist extraordinaire join us each year​

There is something for everyone, vendors include, but are not limited to: clothing, jewelry, patches, leather, services like sewing, bike accessories, art, massages, novelty items, motorcycle parts & more ... 

 Call of the Wild Photography

What started off as a way for attendees to buy or swap parts, and get some new gear has quickly become one of the key features of the festival. Vendors are not only part of the party, they come to play and make sure you have a blast. Amazing wares, whether it is for your bike or you're looking to pick up some unique jewelry or clothing - CMT vendors have your back.

Interested in vending at CMT? It is loads of fun and a great opportunity. Download the letter and application now to fill it out and send to the office or contact the office for more info.

2nd Amendment vendor surrounded by Tshirts and 2nd amemdment merch

Vendors come from far and wide to hang out at CMT and we love what they sell .. so do you apparently :-).

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Attendee submitted photo ..Shoe Shine Station  :-).

 Thanks Hailey for a great pic

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Amazing stuff to buy, or you can get work done on your stuff 

 Call of the Wild Photography

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Bill's Trailer Sales has a large booth installed and he (& his adorable dogs) show up early to set up and hang out. Bill may be angling for the award for the vendor that's been here the longest, but we don't really keep track of that kind of thing 😜.


VEndors Wanted - FREE Booths April and June only

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Contact the office below, or download the vendor letter and application and send it to the office. We love welcoming vendors that are a great fit for the Catskill Mountain Thunder Motorcycle Festival.

🎪 Vendor booths are
FREE in April & June 😀

We are always looking for more vendors, contact us if you are interested!

This is a very busy event - there are thousands of attendees throughout the festival.


Reach out to the office team.

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2024: September 10-15th See Ya There! 

Map with 3 FREE Ride Routes 

Handel Family's Favorite Rides 

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