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Mikie's CMT Photoshoot Model Memories (warning: memories may be hazy)

Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Primary Blog/Shenanigans/Mikie's CMT Photoshoot Model Memories (warning: memories may be hazy)

Mikie, Models & Mischief .. Right On!! 

Models, a photoshoot & me ... you surprised? I can't help but show up when I know there are some scantily clad gorgeous gals oozing sex appeal as they hop on some of the coolest bikes at the festival. The photographers always manage to get a shot or two with me in them .. what can I say .. I lead a rough life. right on !! LOL

I've been MC'ing the Catskill Mountain Thunder Motorcycle Festival for as long as I can remember. With my tattoos, I never leave CMT and CMT never leaves me .. right on, man. I wouldn't have it any other way & feel free to stop and ask me about those tattoos (or those models 👀) when you see me! 

So back to those models and my "rough" life .. RIght On! 

We've done a number of photo shoots over the years and I am going to sort through some of my photos and get some me and model pictures to Donna so she can post them for ya'll to see. 

What can I say, I mean if YOU were me, wouldn't you try to jump in too? 

Catskill Mountain Thunder (CMT) has some pretty good lookin' bartenders, attendees, band lead singers and more ... I mean can you say "hot chicks" ? I mean really, it's like sizzzzzzle .. these ladies are H-O-T! and then there's me in the middle of some of those photos. I don't claim to have the same sizzle, but I am excited to play pickle in the middle or photobomb whenever I can. 

Like I said ... it's tough to be Mikie .. really s*cks to be me LOL 🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆

Some of my favorite shots have been with attendees that ask for a pic or a group shot and I'm not even sure I get to see all those LOL 👀🤣😆 so please share 'em if you got 'em on our Facebook page. I am sure there will be a social media post about this blog, post if there or in the Facebook group or heck message me (something tells me they will change that to "heck", y'all know me better than that, that's NOT what I said LOL). 

So how did I manage to get in this sidecar shot? 

I showed up and photobombed them from the golf cart at first. Then the crew asked me to join in the fun. I ain't no GQ model or anything, but these models make everything look better ... Right On!

Over the years, I've MC'ed in the rain, rode through some rough weather, broke up my share of "disagreements", started my own ruckus on occasion and have worked tireless from early in the week until CMT ends with a "I'll sleep when I'm dead attitude". And CMT has nearly killed me a few times, god knows I sleep like a baby once ya'll go home.

So maybe these shoots with models are the universe's way of payback?   

​I'm not sure, but I am counting my lucky stars. 🤩🌟🌟🌟

When I first started this MC'ing, it was a ton of fun .. meeting all of YOU was and still is the most thrilling part of my days ... hanging out with models and all of the awesome crew at CMT is pure gravy.

Get on the social media pages and let me know what YOU think .. I seriously get a kick out of hearing from folks .. whether you are screaming my name (well, THAT kind of screaming is my favorite), but I also get a kick when I've heard you scream "Mikie" / "CMT" at Laconia, in Daytona, or across the field curing CMT's Bike Games or other mischief we get into. So drop a line, let me know your favorite parts of CMT so we can do more of it !! If you post it, it has been fit to print, if you bend my ear at the festival you can tell me anything!! and ya'll never disappoint LOL  🤣🤣🤣

✌️🙌✌️ Peace !! ✌️🙌✌️

Mike of Mike and The Monsters mid-photoshoot, getting photobombed by Mikie & Roy. These are always closed sets, but Mikie always finds a way!

Call of the Wild Photography

Guest Blogger Bio .... 

Mikie is the Voice of Catskill Mountain Thunder Motorcycle Festival. Mikie has been MC'ing our events for as long as we can remember, so "attending" the Catskill Mountain Thunder Motorcycle Festival doesn't even cover it. His favorite part of the motorcycle rally is "Hanging out with all the cool folks that show up. I love running into CMT folks all over the country. Can't tell ya how many times I've run into someone wearing their CMT shirt - CRAZY. I always say Hi when I see that shirt LOL."
Mikie Bennett owns Bennett's Cleaning Service, he can be found on 🔗  Facebook and regularly at Blackthorne.

It's all fun and games trying to feed Saliva and Drowning Pool until you realize you are in total darkness & you have no clue how to work a soda gun, or is it a soda jerk? No, I am definitely the jerk in this equation, wow this escalated quickly - send help.

Ray Francis CMT's bar manager tells us what it's like on the other side of the bar at CMT. Did we mention 2023 was his first CMT as bar manager, you know the universe loved that!

As the Voice of CMT, Mikie's snuck into his fair share of photoshoots with the CMT models. Yeah, he's got it ruff ! Mikie remembers some of the mischief, some he can share at least.

customer1 png

Guest Bloggers

The Regular Suspects: Entertainers, Bikers, Builders, Attendees, & Other Troublemakers !

Tellin' It Like it Is 

Catskill Mountain Thunder Motorcycle Festival is open to the public, held annually  in mid-September at the Blackthorne Resort nestled in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Not only does the festival boast some of the best riding around, but we so fortunate to call so many of you our friends and family - perhaps best coined friends that are like family!

We look forward to seeing you each year and can't wait to see the stories y'all come up with as Guest Bloggers.

Each blog is written by someone that has touched our event or been touched by our event .. OK, that is a lot of touching, get you heads out of the gutter. 

​There are attendees, vendors, bike builders, bike show participants, stunt riders, entertainers, daredevils of all kinds, bands both national headliners and regional talented AF bands, bike games participants, photographers, staff, volunteers and of course the crazy folks which covers all of the above. 

​You have the best stories and you are the ones that truly experience Catskill Mountain Thunder Motorcycle Festival, so who better to tell everyone the stories? Just try to keep it PG or PG adjacent anyway 😜

​We have been thrilled by the response from folks and there are so, SO many stories to be told. We look forward to hearing all of them & hope all of you get a kick out of the stories as well. 

​Catskill Mountain Thunder Motorcycle Festival is held Mid-September every year. For practice, two runs are held in April and June.  The September festival is an event like no other, held on the grounds of Blackthorne resort. You can ride through the Catskills, or settle in and enjoy the resort grounds. The field is filled with bikes, bike games, a bike build-off, bike artists & builders, stunt shows (MX, Wall of Death) , bike games, a bike show, loads of vendors, bars & bands! You can make your own fun or we can instigate a little. 

Join us for all the fun and be sure to read the stories here by our very own guest bloggers, some folks ya know and some you may get to know.  


Catskill Mountain Thunder (CMT) Motorcycle Festival is active on multiple platforms, follow your antics on your favorite platform.

2024: September 10-15th See Ya There! 

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