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Hear from the folks that make CMT special. Some work the event, others entertain us, still others are some of our favorite attendees - OK you are ALL our favorite attendees, ya'll know that LOL. Some attendees go above and beyond, some in their mischief and others in the way they serve all of us by sharing great ideas, photos, stories & more. What better than to hear it from the people that were there ? In some cases, the people that caused the ruckus in the first place 😎.

Catskill Mountain Thunder Motorcycle Festival Guest Bloggers have made these moment & are here to tell you all about it. 

Sunday, April 07, 2024

That One Time at Band Camp with Saliva & Drowning Pool

Sunday, April 07, 2024

When You're the Bar Manager, Murphy's Law is the Law at CMT

Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Mikie's CMT Photoshoot Model Memories (warning: memories may be hazy)


We are cornering folks to tell their CMT stories on the blog .. what's that saying?  "all the news fit to print?"  We need stories we can actually tell in public and we will chase folks to tell their stories for you. Over time we will fill out this page and we can't wait to hear all about your CMT shenanigans! Stay tuned for more escapades & info soon!  

Drop us a line on the contact us below if there is something specific you want to hear about, we'd love to hear from you!

CMT Attendees and even the bikes line up to hear the headliner bands. Looks like there are a lot of people that would write or read blogs ? 🤣

 Call of The Wild Photography

Stephen doing a burnout in the pavillion which has been expressly banned LOL

Stephen surrounded by other Bike Builders mostly behind the smoke does a wicked burnout. For his sake let's pretend that burnouts are not banned in the pavillion 😎

 Call of The Wild Photography

CMT Guest Bloggers

The Regular Suspects: Entertainers, Bikers, Builders, Attendees, & Other Troublemakers !

Tellin' It Like it Is

Catskill Mountain Thunder Motorcycle Festival is open to the public, held annually in mid-September at the Blackthorne Resort nestled in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Not only does the festival boast some of the best riding around, but we are very fortunate to call so many of you our friends - perhaps best coined friends that are like family!

We look forward to seeing you each year and can't wait to see the stories y'all come up with as Guest Bloggers.

Each blog is written by someone that has touched our event or been touched by our event .. OK, that is a lot of touching, get you heads out of the gutter.

​There are attendees, vendors, bike builders, bike show participants, stunt riders, entertainers, daredevils of all kinds, bands both national headliners and regional talented AF bands, bike games participants, photographers, staff, volunteers and of course the crazy folks which covers all of the above.

​You have the best stories and you are the ones that truly experience Catskill Mountain Thunder Motorcycle Festival, so who better to tell everyone the stories? Just try to keep it PG or PG adjacent anyway 😜

​We have been thrilled by the response from folks and there are so, SO many stories to be told. We look forward to hearing all of them & hope all of you get a kick out of the stories as well.

​Catskill Mountain Thunder Motorcycle Festival is held Mid-September every year. For practice, two runs are held in April and June. The September festival is an event like no other, held on the grounds of Blackthorne resort. You can ride through the Catskills, or settle in and enjoy the resort grounds. The field is filled with bikes, bike games, a bike build-off, bike artists & builders, stunt shows (MX, Wall of Death) , bike games, a bike show, loads of vendors, bars & bands! You can make your own fun or we can instigate a little.

​Join us for all the fun and be sure to read the stories here by our very own guest bloggers, some folks ya know and some you may get to know.


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2024: September 10-15th See Ya There! 

Map with 3 FREE Ride Routes 

Handel Family's Favorite Rides 

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